To Err Is Human

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To Err Is Human Essay, Research Paper

To err is human

I have concluded that no one is perfect. I observed this expression, and it proves to be within reality. I sat in the airport, as I waited for my Grandma to come in from St. Louis. While I was waiting, I noticed all the people surrounding me. Everyone was so different from each other, and at the same time, no one was perfect. I could tell from their actions that they were either running late, forgot to pack something, or even forgot their ticket. These people were so diverse and have probably made plenty of mistakes in their lifetime. There were four particular people that I noticed and took note of.

The first person that caught my eye was this old woman, probably in her 70’s, frantically looking in her purse for something. She searched every pocket in her purse, wallet, even her makeup bag. I’m not sure what it was that she was looking for, but it seemed as though she had forgotten or lost something that she needed. As I watched her more carefully, I noticed that she was very upset about this situation, when out of no where, this mid age man came up to her and handed her a slip of paper. It looked as though a ton of bricks had been lifted off her shoulders, and she had the biggest smile on her face. She got up to give the man a hug, and as she did, her purse feel over, and everything split out. The man was generous enough to help her and pick everything up. I guess in a way, the old woman might of been clumsy, but that might have been from her old age, either way, she made mistakes, and yet she is still human.

Another person who caught my eye was a young boy. There was a jungle gym in the waiting area, and he was playing in it. He looked as if he was a boy of a middle class family. He was wearing a Pokemon t-shirt with some Guess blue jeans. I saw the triangle emblem on his back pocket. His mom called for him to come, but I noticed that he looked frantically around, searching for his mother. He finally found her, and went running towards her. When the woman turned around, it was not his mother, and he seemed embarrassed. He ran away, calling for his mom. He made a mistake by going to the wrong woman who he thought was his mom. He might of made the mistake because he was only a child, but it was still a harmless error that he made. It only shows once again that to err is human.

I next noticed a couple sitting in the coffee shop. They were both dressed very professionally and looked like they were in their late 20’s. The woman was slowly sipping at her small cup of coffee, while the man had a large cup of soda. He seemed to be guzzling it down, as if he were in some sort of hurry. The man reached into his coat pocket, but took nothing out. Then he reached into his pant pocket, and again took nothing out. He looked worried, as if he did not know what to do. He looked at the woman, avoiding eye contact, when he began to speak. The woman seemed to get very upset at what the man had to say. The man got up and shouted, “I’m sorry! I will go and talk to the travel agent.” Apparently, he forgot the plane tickets. The woman sat in the coffee shop alone while the man went and talked to someone. She seemed annoyed with the man, but than began to smile. The man came back, and before he could say anything, the woman just kissed him. The man pulled away, and pulled two tickets out of his coat pocket. They both just smiled at each other, gleaming into each others eyes. With this couple, the man made a mistake by forgetting their plane tickets. The woman at first got upset, but realized that it was only a mistake. It just proves that everyone makes mistakes, but it’s not worth getting mad over spilt milk.

While observing people at the airport, I noticed that everyone makes mistakes. Even though I only observed these particular people, I’m sure everyone makes mistakes and errors. It just proves the saying that “To err is human.”

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