The Lady Of The Lake By Sir

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The Lady Of The Lake By Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832) Essay, Research Paper

This absorbing tale, opening with an account

of a stag hunt in the Highlands, is typical of Scott. He invented the historical

fiction novel. But historicity for its own sake isn’t as important to him

as creating an accurate, vivid milieu from which the reader can emerge

feeling he has lived the advenlure himself.

Scott was fascinated with cultures in collision,

and he always placed his heroes in the middle of the fray. In this poem,

the opposing forces are two Scottish clans – the wild Celtic Highlanders,

loyal only to their chieftain, and the peaceful, agranian Saxon Lowlanders,

devoted to following their King. Scott guides us through a maze of emotions,

creating sympathy and understanding for both sides.

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