The Klan

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The Klan Essay, Research Paper

* The Klan name and symbol break through the paper curtain of the

anti-White media and brings us to the attention of those who want to

learn more about us. Before you can convince someone about the

correctness of an idea, you must first reach that person with your


* The Klan is honest and open as to its beliefs, especially concerning

racial matters. To win victory for an idea, that idea must be stated,

promoted and defended.

* By our open stand on the issues, the men and women we attract to our

movement are not cowards or hypocrites, but are of the quality and level

of dedication that can bring our cause to victory.

* The Klan has a reputation of victory. It is well known that the Klan

saved the White South from federal tyranny; the same kind of tyranny

that today is trying to take away your guns, is promoting homosexuals in

your schools, is permitting the flood of illegal aliens coming across

our borders and then tax you to death in order to pay for welfare and

other give-away programs.

* The Klan is youth oriented. The young people of today will determine the

kind of nation we will have tomorrow. Any movement that wants to make

history must win the young. We are.

* The Klan is worldwide in scope. Wherever there are White people – we

are. Those who hate our race and faith are all over the world, and we

are there to face them.


owens, peter.encyclopedia a pg.28

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