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Nora leavs her husband, Torvald, and Nora are attempting to start a new life. However, as time goes on she realizes that it is impossible to live without her children. She also realizes that Torvald is the love of her life. Filled with guilt and loneliness, she humbly returns to her family and declares that many changes have to take place for the family to move forward.

Nora immediately confronts Torvald upon her return, and she knows exactly what she wants to discuss with him. She tells Torvald that their marriage was predicated too much on image and maintaining the semblance of a happy family. They make a commitment to focus on each other rather than focusing on Torvald’s career.

Torvald at first is not receptive to Nora’s arrival back home. He believes she betrayed their vows of marriage and that she is not a worthy wife. Nonetheless, he realizes he cannot live without her and he agrees to the changes she presented him with.

As time passes the marriage is still not working as well as the pair had hoped, and Torvald threatens to leave. He is more consumed with work than ever and Nora is becoming a nervous wreck. She has tried to consult with her friend Christine on what to do, but their relationship is too strained as well. Nora really feels lonely and cannot rely on Torvald for emotional support.

Within five months of Nora’s arrival back to the house, a tragedy occurs. Her oldest son comes down with a severe case of polio and dies suddenly. At first the whole family seems to be permanently ripped apart, but this is the turning point for Nora and Torvald’s marriage. At the funeral Torvald breaks down and begins to weep incessantly. Nora for the first time in her life see s Torvald’s inner soul, and it brings about a new found love. This time they declare all the changes that need to be made and they follow through.

As a result of their son’s death a new bond is formed between Nora and Torvald. Torvald actually quits his job at the bank and takes a lower position that does not take up as much of his time at another bank. This really pleases Nora and the two permanently solve their major marital problems.

It is obvious from the movie that Nora and Torvald have long-term marriage problems and that is evidenced from Nora leaving at the end of the movie. However, the play leaves the audience with a feeling that Nora and Torvald would meet up again and talk their problems over.0

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