The Black

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The Black Essay, Research Paper

The Courageous Black Stallion!

Here is a tale of an incredibly courageous black stallion. Down on Hopeful farm there is a guy named Alec Ramsay. One night he couldn’t sleep because he knew something was wrong. He got up and went to the barn where on a desk there was a paper about the insurance on the barn, it said it was canceled! There was a horse, Miz Liz, that Snappy, the foaling guy, was supposed to foal. Instead he was cooling bacon and smoking his pipe in the top of the barn which was the trainer’s apartment. Alec yelled at him. They got into a big fight and Alec fired Snappy. Alec had to foal Miz Liz. After that he smelled smoke. The bacon and the pipe were still up there. The barn was catching on fire! Alec’s dad came and they took the colt and Miz Liz out. They had built this by their selves. It cost $100,000. They decided to race in the Preakness to win back their money. They were going to race a harse called Black Minx. They trained very hard. Black Minx was fast but others were faster. Eclipse came in 1st, Golden Vanity won 2nd, and Wintertime won 3rd.

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