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Suppose U Stood Facing A Wall Of

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Suppose U Stood Facing A Wall Of Photographs Essay, Research Paper

“Suppose you stood facing a wall of photograph from your unlived life”

and make the suggestion that the wall will look much better

if your accomplishments weren’t neglected.

A photo of you with love, a photo with you without love,

time shifting through memories never lived,

yet a remembrance of the forgotten peculiar.

The pictures arranged perfectly,

and the wall beautifully set,

the glassy reflection returning an image

and a shadow through daylight you are unaware of.

Then would you be determined?

Would it come to mind to live your life differently?

Seeing yourself in a state of existence

is an honor to change what hasn’t been done.

Suppose the very last photograph hasn’t been taken.

Would you paint it yourself,

telling a story of predictions,

or leave it clear of thought,

making true the unlived life

now left to be boring.

Natalie Roman

Copyright ?2000 Natalie Roman

Just a little something I decided to write in my creative writing class . No plagiarism remember . Everything is copyrighted here!!! :-)

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