Supporting A Family

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Supporting A Family Essay, Research Paper

Due to the present economy, individuals must have a varied career in order to support their families above the poverty line. While this can provide an individual with a stressful existence it also provides them with the ability to become a stronger person from within.

Companies are resorting to part-time employees in order to cut overhead costs. With a company resorting to part-time workers they can cut the cost of having benefits as well as lower wages. For the worker this begins a long week of working up to seven days just to obtain the typical 40 hours. This is an exhausting endeavor. This increases the amount of time a child must spend in daycare which in turn increases the costs concerned with the day care center. The parent feels that they are almost always on the go just to support their family. Unfortunately this takes time away from the family. It also increases the family cost, as they must shoulder the burden of paying for medical and dental costs.

A positive aspect to having a varied career is the learned ability to become competent in many positions. This allows the individual a wider range in possible jobs. From a personal viewpoint this can and will provide the individual with a greater self-worth.

Sometimes this inability to obtain permanent work with result in an individual going back to school. This would be to obtain the necessary degree that would result in a better or more secure employment position. I am personally in this category. I have decided after 10 years of being in the work world to return to school. During those 10 years I worked at least 5 different jobs. This was defiantly not rewarding to my self-esteem and to my family as they have had to cope with poverty. I have returned to school so that I may provide my family with enough funds to raise them above the poverty level and to provide myself with job security.

The way that the current economy works seems to benefit the employer not the employee. I hope that the future will provide more for the worker with job security. The ability to have a single rewarding lifelong career seems to have been lost within the system.

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