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Stereotypes Of Men

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Stereotypes Of Men Essay, Research Paper

Stereotypes of Men

Both Scott Russell Sanders Looking at Women and Herb Goldberg s In

Harness: The Male Condition discuss the idea of stereotypes of men in today s

society. There is a distinction however, in the ways the author views these

stereotypes. Scott Russell Sander s essay portrays men as sex-crazed animals

and uses the protagonist to illustrate men s use of derogatory terms of men s

views of women, and even the tittle, Looking at Women suggests that men see

women as something to look at. Sanders essay builds on the stereotypes of

men by giving examples of men who fit these stereotypes. Goldberg, on the

other hand, believes that the stereotypes placed upon men today, restrain them,

and force them to follow a certain path in life blindly. He believes that men are

victims of the stereotypes of society, and spend their existence running from the

so called failure of being outside of the norm . These two essays discuss in

detail men s role in society, and the ways in which stereotypes affect men today.

The distinction between these two essays is in how the author views men;

whether they are the victims of stereotypes, or actually chauvinist pigs.

Scott Russell Sanders essay, Looking at Women, shows that men are rude

and sexist in the ways they regard women. The first example Sanders uses to

portray this is when he was young and sees a highschool girl with a good body.

His friend refers to the girls body as if it were a car part. This sexist attitude

progresses as Sanders goes to college and looks at the centerfolds of Playboy

magazines and even comments on the way women s humanity was severely

reduced by such actions. Sanders believes that men look at women as objects

and make judgements on their being before even examining their personality or

spirituality. Sanders wants men to change. He wants men to appreciate

women s inner beauty as much as they appreciate a women s outer beauty.

Rather than seeing women as sex objects or Barbie dolls he wants men to

appreciate women s natural beauty, without makeup and lingerie. Sanders also

believes that women contribute to their dehumanization Sanders does not

believe it is wrong for men to look at women, he just believes that they should

be looking for different things in women than the stereotypical man looks for.

He believes that men should break away from their stereotypical mold and treat

women with love and respect.

Goldberg s essay focuses on the idea that stereotypes of men dictate their

lives. He feels that societal stereotypes dictate their roles in work, love, and

families. He believes that men are victims of society. Goldberg says that

society s expectation for men to be masculine keeps them from getting in

touch with their emotional self. He believes that men s fear of acting weak or

gay causes them to do things simply to fit with the mold of men today. The

fact that women can be admired for being either masculine or feminine supports

Goldberg s idea that men are oppressed by their stereotypes also. Women can

break the mold of society and still be admired. Rather, the stereotypes of

women are more inclusive of different lifestyles than the stereotypes of men.

Like Sanders essay, the title of Goldberg s essay has significance in his view of

men in society. The word harness illustrates the restraint put on men to admit

their problems, and be in touch with their feminine side. This word is used by

Goldberg to describe his patient Richard who was nearly killed by his drinking

problem. Richard had to get sick in his harness and nearly be destroyed by role

playing masculinity before he could allow himself to be a person with his own

feelings, rather than just a hollow male image. Goldberg believes that men

don t yet realize the consequences their conformity to societal stereotypes will

have on their emotional self. Stereotypes act as harnesses that stifle men today.

The issue of men in society is broad enough to be encompassed in both

Goldberg s and Sander s essays. While Goldberg would like men to be freed

from their need to conform to the stereotypes of men, Sanders would like men

to break from the mold themselves. The greatest distinction between these

essays is that the authors believe that the power to break away from societal

stereotypes is in different parties. Goldberg believes that men are the victims

while Sanders believe that men provoke the stereotypes placed on them. Both

authors believe there is a need to change these stereotypes. Goldberg wants

society to be more accepting of men s different lifestyles and individuality.

Sanders wants men to strive to find their individuality and get in touch with their

emotional self.

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