Star And Necklace

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Star And Necklace Essay, Research Paper

The story The Star, which was written in 1970?s, is trying to say that we need

to understand the truth of our fate rather than put on blinders and quit

refusing everything else that we don?t want to see. In the story The Necklace

written by Guy De Maupassant the woman worked herself to the bone for ten years

trying to pay off the debt used to pay for the necklace she lost at the ball.

The woman in this story is a poor pretty woman who thought she deserved a better

life than one that she already had. The main character in this story is a woman

named Louis, the daughter of simple working class man. Both stories include a

sub theme of a hope for a better life, in which all men were created equal and

all the ugly injustices in the world would cease to exist. But the cold hard

fact is that we humans have this innate sense of optimism, which blocks our

thinking for reality, because without it we would have no reason for living. In

the case of he woman in the story "The necklace" the object being the

necklace, which she eventually loses, and try?s to replace. Instead of hiding

the truth and facing the music, which was harder, to take than when she lied.

The old adage which says," What a tangled web weave when we first start to

deceive." We humans can’t handle the truth. We think we know what is the

truth. What that really is just bull*censored*. It’s arrogance-playing tricks on

our minds making us think we are in control of our lives. If we really were in

control of our lives then why can’t we control every little aspect of it that

gives discomfort? Because we can’t, because we don’t know how, and eventually

the truth will show that is we don’t what the truth really is. Using the

slippery slope logic one can conclude that the two stories are more similar than

they are different but because the assignment at hand requires for me to compare

and contrast in an illustrative manner then I guess I should start. In the story

the Star the setting is on a rocket ship with astronauts and the setting in the

necklace is old France in the late 1970’s. The Star is a science fiction story

while the necklace is an illustrative story. In the necklace the story is told

from the third people point of view compared to the Star’s point of view is in

the first person. The necklace discusses the social classes distinction in

detail while in the star is describes the Astrology in detail. The person who

wrote the necklace was French was illustrative the author of the star was

clearly American. The main focus of the story is based on the importance of

having money while the star is about the survival of the fittest. The

similarities in both stories include that both deal with theme of hope. One is

more graphic in the account of survival as portrayed in the star but the details

in how the girl had to work hard in how each detail in her work day was shown

through words was illustrative. Both deal with the issue of false pretense that

living a certain life would bring true happiness, which in both cases should

that, it didn’t. The dismal setting Star is in contrast with the grandeur at

which the Necklace is played out. The false hope that we control our own destiny

is both misinterpreted by everyone. That is why these two stories, which are

about two different subjects, seem to have the same effect on a person, which is


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