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Social Control Theory

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Social Control Theory Essay, Research Paper

The article “Arizona wants special prison for foreiners” is one example of how ethnicity and crime are an issue and how some feel it should be delt with. As some may see this as a positive thing to do inorder to help the process of deportation or what ever the consequences may be, many others are calling it a plan that would segregate Mexican inmates, being that 89 percent of the foreign inmates would fall under that race.

Arizona has plans to pay a private company 1.5 million dollars a month to operate the prison. As of July 24 the state had 2,873 foreign inmates, which is 11 percent of the full inmate population. This plan is being criticized as violating at least the spirit of a 1999 law that prohibited the department of corrections from assigning inmates to the facility on the basis of nationality. “ foreign nationals share common needs and likely a mommin destination –deportation once they finish their terms—and it makes sense to concentrate them” said George Weisz, who is Gov. Jane Hull’s special assistant for criminal justice. Those in favor of the project are compairing it to Perryville, the female prison in Goodyear. However I feel this project has different intentions that are much less liable

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