Religion Or Cult

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Religion Or Cult? Essay, Research Paper

When Does a Religion Become a Cult? When Does a Cult Become a Religion?

I think that religion and cults are closely related. However, there can be many noticeable differences. In order for a religion to become a cult, it needs to develop into a negative form of expression. Cults are often damaging to a person and any people that are close to them. In order for a cult to become a religion, it needs to develop into a positive form of expression. This cult to religion change is dependent on the amount of people that follow it, the respect that it gets from others, and the results of following it.

In order for a religion to become a cult, it needs to have a negative impact on its followers. Many times, people who are having trouble with their own lives will turn to religion or cults in order to ?find themselves.? Many times these people will follow a new religion, and as time goes on, more and more of these people will join a certain religion. If the religion doesn?t satisfy their needs, then they will break away and form their own religion, which ends up becoming a cult. These cults have a negative effect on the people that follow it. They feel that the other religions are not realistic or valid, and they try to turn others toward their new-formed cult. When others see that the cult members are out of the norm of the society, they form a negative opinion about them. This negative feeling toward the cult is what causes a religion to become a cult.

In order for a cult to become a religion, it needs to have a positive effect on its followers. The people who are in this cult need to get others to have a good opinion of it. Also, they need to form a large following in order to show that their cult is widely accepted in the society. The cult has to be something that doesn?t show signs of being a fad. If a cult is something that only reflects the beliefs of a society at that time, and could be changed in the near future, then I don?t think that it can become a religion. This is true because many religions are set in stone and cannot, in any way, be changed by its followers. To change the beliefs and structure of a cult would only make more cults, which would then have to prove themselves to be legitimate.

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