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Reckless Homicide

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Reckless Homicide Essay, Research Paper

Pilot Charlie Ashmore is in deep trouble when he fails a drug test that will suspend him to the Airline Company he works for. He turns to his brother, Michael, an attorney for the Airline Company, for help. Michael hides the positive test results so that Charlie can continue to fly. Two months later, a plane piloted by Charlie crashes, killing 100 people. Pilot error is considered the cause because Charlie’s corpse is filled with heavy dosage of drug-related items.

After Brandon Air lines pilot Charlie Ashmore’s daughter dies in an accident caused by flammable perfume, Charlie’s brother Michael charges the perfume manufacturers with reckless homicide and wins a huge settlement. Swearing off the barbiturates he’s abused since the tragedy, Charlie returns to flying after Michael pulls some strings. As the damage suits take shape, the airline and aircraft manufacturer posture to avert any responsibility, and Michael is in the awkward position of clearing his dead brother’s name yet representing the best interests of his firm’s largest client, Brandon Air Lines. It can’t work. Michael’s cover-up of his sibling’s addiction and test results soon surfaces.

His company uses Michael as a scapegoat to avoid a class action suit from the victim’s families. Michael is now on trial for reckless homicide. He knows that he must depend on himself and his lover if he is to prove that his brother would never endanger the lives of the passengers and his fellow workers. His enemies, ranging from the powerful airline industry to an ambitious DA will do everything to insure Michael is left holding the bag of the evidence. The climax occurs when the judge asks Michael, “Do you have evidence that you did not hide drug-test results?” Then Michael answers with, “I already gave you the evidence.” With that statement, the lawyers and jurors immediately becomes emotional. The media from the New York Times printed a fully-page editorial on this case.

The firm he founded fires Michael, and in a nightmarish twist of fate, he finds himself on trial for reckless homicide, impaled on the legal precedent he developed in the suit with the perfume manufacturer. And that is just what someone has planned. For Michael Ashmore, softhearted, hardheaded trial lawyer has been chosen as the perfect patsy in a chilling conspiracy. Michael knows that he must find a way to perhaps weave his way out of all this. The court then finds Roy, the prosecution side, guilty and Michael innocent because a tape was played and wasn’t used as evidence until the very end, which revealed that Charlie’s case was of total accident.

The next day, Michael goes to Roy and demands 10 million dollars for settlement for Charlie. Michael demands more for he is setting up foundation for the families of crash victims. Roy offers 12 million, Michael is still stalling. Roy offers a final price of 15 million dollars and by Michael. He handed Roy a settlement agreement. Roy signs it. They don’t shake hands, and say no good-byes. It was the joy of lights as the journey is over.



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