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Ramble On Essay, Research Paper

Today we live in ?the digital world?, the internet reins supreme it?s the future, the next frontier. The age of digital music is upon us mp3s ras wmas etc. and along with all this is a means to share it. File shareing services and software. It is now possible to go online type in the name of the song wanted and download it. That?s all good and well but what makes it even better is a device called the cd-rw. Yes my friend the future of music. With this device as well as the software to convert the medie to cd format it is now possible to make our own mix of cds. We can make mixes that record labels would not ever dream of making nor have the balls to make. I can take and put a Korn song on an cd and follow it imidiatly by a song by Hank Williams Jr. I can make any mix I want literally. But then along comes the music industry and trys to censor the internet. Take a way from the very existance of the net.

To censor me is like taking my breath from my lungs like taking the smell from the air like telling the cow it can not moo or the dog it can not bark

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