Poem Breaking Me

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Poem: Breaking Me Essay, Research Paper

Breaking Me

Everyday, I see your face, I wish that you?d stayed

Don?t even know what made you run away

It?s just the way, that you play the game

Emotional, is not a word I?d use to explain myself

But now I down, upon my knees, begging please

I don?t want to be in love, but your making me

Let me up, I?ve had enough

Your breaking me

Here I am, just half a man, feeling alone

Feeling like I lost my only chance at happiness

When you let me go

I don?t want to be alone, in this lonely world

The first time my heart was ever touched

Was the day I lost your love

I can feel it in my flesh and blood

My soul can only take so much

And it?s breaking me

Why can?t you give us one more try

Now that you?ve seen, the softer side

I still believe that I can make you understand

Can I make you see

I never lost my faith in you

You know that?s true

Can I make you see that I?m desperate for your love

And it?s breaking me

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