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Pax Romana

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Pax Romana Essay, Research Paper

During the Greek-Roman period there was a time span that began with the

reign of Augustus Caesar to the death of Marcus Aurelius known as the Pax Romana.

This time span which covered more than 200 years brought many changes to the

Roman Empire. It was a time for unity, peace, and national stability for

the Roman’s.

During the Pax Romana culture as a whole became more sophisticated.

Romans not only were fascinated, but eager to figure out the world they were a part of.

The Roman’s increased their diets by included a wider variety of foods. They

derived a currency made of metal coins, which aided in their trade. This was an economical

advancement (which lead to a negative respect). Rome became the central city during this time.

Millions upon millions of people flocked to the city in search of education, entertainment, and

advancement. I think this would be considered as a economical advancement because there

were so many more people that wanted jobs and really affected the money system of Rome.

During the Pax Romana language thrived. The Roman alphabet became a basis

for the western world alphabet. Along with this, Latin, the Roman language, became the basis

for the French , Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and the Romanians. This would probally be

considered a social advancement because it had to do with their language.

Even though the Pax Romana was a time for prosperity for the Roman’s there

was trouble. Taxation became a huge problem because of the increase of

soldiers needed for protection. The value of the metal coins in which they

created slowly lost value. This decrease in the value of the currency led

to inflation. This was an economical issue that derived from the positive point on coined

money.Another problem created by the Pax Romana, was that there was

a lot of killing going on. The answer to all the problems was simply death.

The philosophy in which they lived by was that one paid the ultimate penalty

for any crime or disturbance one caused. They tried to scare the common

citizen into not committing a crime of disturbance. This was a big social problem that distubed

the city of Rome, because when the people can not get along there is definitely somehting


During the period of the Pax Romana, Rome grew as an empire. They made

many strives in creating the perfect empire. They developed a better diet,

a better transportation system, and developed a currency using metal coins.

However, through all the good events that came along with the Pax Romana,

there were some trouble times as well. The problem of inflation arose,

along with the problem of paying soldiers for protecting the empire. Even

though there were some trouble times, the Romans were able to hold their

empire, and keep the peace within it for more than 200 years.



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