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Parking Spot

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Parking Spot Essay, Research Paper

Parking spotI was told to write a page about a recent activity, for psychology course. I decided to describe my goal of Sept. for this propose. On Sept. 1996 a day before of college s opening I made a decision although it was not very important , but I wanted to start the academic year with an excitement , my aim was to park my car outside of college parking campus , to save $3.25 which is the price of daily parking at Seneca college on 1380 Don Mills Rd. In order to find a parking around college I have to woke up early in the morning , look for a free parking near college , run to classes that start at 8.55 am , I have this habit to reverse my timing when I have dead line and something to do . In order to wake up at 7 am I have to be in bed no later than 10.30 p.m. , dinner at 7 p.m. etc.etc………………… At 10.21 p.m. I was in bed , I don t remember when , but very quickly I fell asleep , I dreamed I was in a high rise parking building , it was a very neat and colorful at the door 3 people offered their assistant on was checking the car s oil the 2nd washing the windshield and the 3rd passed me the ringing phone , I was surprised who ever knew I was in this parking where do they got the parking phone number I was asked myself all this question , that I heard a voice over the phone asking for Michael .

Soon I realized I am traveling a dream and reality ,but I couldn t convince Isablle ( that s here name ) whom woke me up in the middle of the night at 1.46 am that she had wrong number and Michael is not living there . She told me if I have any information about she would appreciate to hear about whereabouts of Michael , it was around 2 o clock when I hung upped at 3 o clock I fell asleep again. Next morning at 7.45 I parked in front of Isabelle s house which is a minute away from Don Mills campus I rented her parking 25% of Seneca s parking rate for five days a week while is on work . This was my journal for the first week of September 96.

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