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Out Of The Ashes

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Out Of The Ashes Essay, Research Paper

Out of the Ashes

It is August 5, 1945 and Japanese kids around the age of 10 are training for a war with the Americans; while over in America, American soldiers are getting lectured on the background of Hiroshima. These are the opening scenes of the movie, Out of the Ashes , a movie about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the effects on it. The normal things are going on in Hiroshima, Japan; the normal bustling around the city trying to get things done. Until later in the day when a warning is dropped a few hours in advance letting the people of Hiroshima know that they need to get out of there quickly. A few hours later on August 6, 1945 the atomic bomb is dropped from the Americans on Hiroshima to try and put an end to the Japanese War. The effects of nuclear radiation are amazing and sickening, everywhere you look you can find evidence of it. Some people just collapse and die immediately from the radiation poisoning while for others it takes a while to kill them. People try to find any escape from the extreme heat created by the explosion, needing any bit of water then can find, before the heat melts them and dehydrates them to death. Families are torn apart, some members of the family die immediately while others are killed slowly by radiation or bleeding to death, while others may survive. Children lose their parents, and vice versa, whole families are killed. Almost every one who was exposed to the radiation, which was just about everyone with in 300 miles from Hiroshima and others from fallout, will never live a normal life again because of the damage caused by massive radiation bombardment. It is very sick to watch a persons hair fall out as they try and comb it or to not be able to move b/c of being burnt so badly, but it just shows how cruel the Americans were to do this to the Japanese. I think however that in some ways the bombing may have been justified, however looking at the destruction and suffering it caused it is hard to defend the action. It is so sad to see so many families torn apart and their lives ruined. The movie was very realistic, it could have very well happened exactly that way and it probably did happen exactly that way. I liked the movie very much, I think that everyone should watch a movie like this just to realize how bad some of the experiences like the bombing of Hiroshima really were. I had no dislikes about the movie except how sad it was, but it was just the truth.

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