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The problem in GM6 is to create a blueprint of the house your are designing for Ms. Speedy. Be sure to not only work within Ms. Speedy’s requirements (two bedrooms with a combined area of at least 250 square feet, at least one bathroom, a living room not smaller than 200 square feet, a kitchen that must be at least 220 square feet) and the zoning laws which state that the house may only be a maximum of 1000 square feet, but also include elements essential to a house, such as a front & back door, windows, and interior doors. Add furniture if you’d like. Also explain to Ms. Speedy the selling points to your design. What makes your design best? What assumptions you make for your design. Did you need to make any difficult desicions?

My strategy on setting up the blueprint for Ms. Speedy’s house is as follows. The first step was to make the bedrooms as close as possible to the one bathroom. This is so Ms. Speedy doesn’t have to walk across the whole house to get to the bathroom. In fact, from the master bedroom, there is a door leading directly to the bathroom. I put the kitchen next to the living room, so that people can go straight to the living room after they finish their meal for relaxation. In addition both the kitchen and living are across the hall from both bedrooms and the bathroom. There is easy access to all of the rooms via this hallway. I added two closets. The Linen closet was right in front of the bathroom. You could put all of the bathroom linens and the bedroom linens into this closet. The other closet was located right to the left of the front door and was big enough (5′x6′) to fit all of the coats and shoes and could store all other needed items.

In addition to the above design features, I was able to make the kitchen (252 square feet) 32 square feet larger than specified, the living room (220 square feet) 20 square feet larger than specified, both bedrooms (300 square feet) 50 square feet larger than specified, and a bathroom that is a sizable 50 square feet. Add this to the fact that there are an additional two closets beyond the original specification, plenty of space for closets (drawn in dotted red lines) in each of the bedrooms and the kitchen and you have a very efficient use of space in a 1000 square foot house.

The things that worked for me were having the bedrooms right next to each other and close to the bathroom and having the kitchen and living room close together. Also, I have a hallway that leads to each any every room in the house. This means that no one has to go through any room to get to another room. They can all be reached via the one main hallway. The things that didn’t work for me, was my original design that had the kitchen and living room on the same side of the house as one of the bedrooms. This made the design of the house too complicated and several rooms had to be gone through to get to other rooms in the house.

For my conclusion, I got an answer of my blueprints being the best and most cost effective design so far because the bathroom is close to both bedrooms and the living room and kitchen are right next to each other and all rooms in the house are easily accessible via the main hallway which runs through the whole house. The only difficulty I had was figuring out places to put all the rooms, and still make them easily accessible. The only thing I could have done different was to make the bedrooms on different sides of the house and to make the kitchen somewhat bigger. The things I learned from this problem were how to make a blueprint and also how to organize a house.

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