Midsummer Night

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Midsummer Night’s Dream:Analysing Puck Essay, Research Paper

Considered one of Shakespeare’s best plays, “A midsummer’s nights Dream”

reads more like a very intense dream as it entices you

with the thought of fairies and magical elements of

what seems to be, but really isnt.

If one player or character is centrral to all this, I would say that it would

be Puck. Puck is signifigant to the plot, tone, and the meaning. He does this by

working his way throughout the play in each of the above mentioned themes, entwining

his mischief into the lives of others.

This play can be summed up by the last stanza of the play, spoken by Puck

“If we shadows have offended

think but this and all is mended:

that you have slumb’red here and idle theme

No more yeilding but a dream gentles do not reprehend:

IF you pardon, we will mend

ans as i am an honest Puck,

if we have unearned luck

Now scape the serpents tongue

we will make amends ere long;

else the Puck al lair call

Give me your hands, if wwe be friends

and Robin shall restore amends.

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