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Microsoft X Essay, Research Paper

Microsoft X-Box

The Microsoft Corporation has changed the way we look at computers, but can they change anything else? Of course they can. Microsoft has expanded into the gaming world outside of the PC. They are now in competition with Nintendo, Sega, and other major gaming corporations. Microsoft has introduced their new gaming system ? X-Box, by far the most advanced and powerful system on the market.

The first question that many people were asking Microsoft was, why move from the PC platform to a console system? Justin Chin, CEO of the project responded, ?This is something that was purely based on getting NL published; PC was not a viable option for most publishers. We didn?t want to kill the project, so we made with switch to the console. Developing for consoles was something that we wanted to move into anyway and this transition came sooner than we initially planned.?

X-box contains many fascinating specs, that will put the competition in tears. The new system contains a powerful 128 bits, a 733 MHz Intel processor, also with 3D audio support, and a standard built in DvD player, the x-box is going to tough to beat. In terms of items up for change, the specs to watch out for are the hard drive and the RAM, both of which have been rumoured to be getting a bit of a bump up before the system finally ships. And we can only hope that the system will ship with a controller, but they’ve got another year and a half to straighten that one out.

?Imagine if you will: a room with 1024 ping-pong balls, each perched on a mousetrap. Then, picture another ball launching into the room. The ensuing chain reaction was a hit technology demo at GDC, as it represented the Xbox’s incredible computational power and ability to render real-life, real-time physics.? This system can generate amazing real-life images for their games.

The Realism on this picture for a game is beyond belief. Although not a whole lot of info has been released on the system, we already know what to expect.

A release date or a price has yet to be determined. Microsoft says expect a press release for the system in the next 2 weeks. Once again, this amazing corporation has changed the face of technology.

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