Marketing Research

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Marketing Research Essay, Research Paper

1. Product: Boxer shorts



C. Yes

D. Political, legal and regulatory, and sociological for conservative societies. It also makes it difficult to advertise. Color and size sensitivity. Some markets less conservative, easier to sell intimate apparel. Almost everyone wears underwear. Different styles are a different state of mind.


A. The first step is developing a hypothesis.

B. Descriptive Research because it’s easy and requires minimal resources, and gets a general census. The company also has prior knowledge and the problem is clearly defined.

C. Using secondary data because is inexpensive and easy to obtain

D. Internet websites, trade journals, or computer databases.

E. Looking at competitor’s websites and online databases, government publications, and periodicals such as American Demographics.


A. Product: JCREW Hockey Boxers


Step 1 I need new boxers

Step 2 Internal Memories- catalogs, online

Step 3 Commando, whitey tighteys, boxer briefs

Step 4 I bought JCREW hockey boxers

Step 5 They are my favorite, most comfortable pair of boxers

C. Relationship status

Design and style

D. Lack of religious beliefs

Peer involvement

E. I had brand loyalty to JCREW they have made stylish and comfortable clothes in the past. Quality, texture, and availability also affected my buying decision.

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