Major League Parks

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Major League Parks Essay, Research Paper

?Take me out to the ballgame.? Attending a game is a pleasant experience for millions of Americans that go to watch the greatest sport on earth, baseball. Fans find a good game of baseball especially gratifying if they know their destination is a comfortable, state-of-the-art baseball stadium. Although there are many good baseball fields in America, the best fields are definitely the professional ones. The sheer size and beauty of these fields can astonish even the reluctant fan; however, these professional fields are more than just masterpieces of architecture. Not only do today?s professional ball fields provide the best field for the players, but they also provide excellent facilities for the comfort and entertainment of the fans. While many things can determine whether or not a field is exceptional, the stands, lights, and the field itself play a vital role in the fans? appreciation of the game and their attendance at a baseball stadium.

One of the crucial elements of an outstanding stadium is the seating, commonly known as the stands. While individual seating is the most desired, it is also the most expensive and not as readily available as bench seating; however, almost anyone who longs to see a game can afford a bench seat. Each seat, whether individual or bench, should have its own cup holder to hold the fan?s beverage of choice. An excellent example of a stadium with this feature is the Brick Town Ballpark in Oklahoma City. The number of seating decks in a stadium also makes a ballpark seem more lavish and special to both the first-time visitor and the dedicated fan. In addition, more decks at a field allow for more seating and more fans, increasing the excitement and enthusiasm of the players and the spectators. Imagine Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park with their decks. Think of how many dedicated fans would be unable to cheer for their favorite teams. Not only would the support of the teams decrease, so would the money for every business connected to the baseball teams that play in these and other stadiums across the nation. Therefore, seating does play an important part in the making of an outstanding ballpark.

A second consideration when deciding the quality of a ballpark is the lighting. The lights of a major league stadium are phenomenal. It is difficult to believe that lights can be bright enough to turn night into day. Hundreds of lights mounted on a pole is an incredible sight; however, more important than the spectacle of these lights is the role they play. The lights must be bright enough to enable the players to see the ball and make those spectacular plays that the fans love so much. Also important is the positioning of the lights. The lights must be high enough and positioned at the correct angles so the light will not interfere with the vision of the players trying to catch the ball. Consequently, the lighting in a stadium is both a beautiful sight and an vital component of the game.

Finally, when rating a baseball stadium, one must consider the playing field. The playing field is the most vital part of the stadium. Without a good field, the players would not be able to make the remarkable plays that they do. The infield grass needs to be healthy and lush. It also must be evenly cut to a specified length that not only enables a player to maneuver but also allows the ball to behave in a natural manner. If the grass is too long, the ball will not roll and could give a fielder the advantage, however, if the grass is too short or uneven, the ball could take odd bounces that give the batter an advantage. The infield dirt cannot have any rocks or holes; if a ball hits either of these, the result could be an injury or an error charged to a player. Without a well-maintained playing field, the stadium loses not only its beautiful merit but also its purpose.

Many things determine whether or not a baseball stadium is good one or a great one. The seating, lighting and playing field are three important factors that can make the difference in the fans? appreciation of the game or how well the game is played. Although attending any baseball game is fun, attending a ballgame at a professional stadium can become an extraordinary event for many people.

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