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Love Is Blind


Love Is Blind Essay, Research Paper

Love is Blind:

I am sitting at my desk, and suddenly it hits me: a beautiful idea for a new website, that ‘one and only’ offering to catapult my entrepreneurial fantasies into instant success. I am confident it will work. I know everyone will visit the site. Even my family loves the idea. I invest a good deal of time and a substantial amount of money developing and marketing this website I love, but a year passes and the sole visitor to the site is I.

What at first seemed like an exciting, profitable new concept is now just an extremely expensive, disappointing under-taking for my company . How could this have happened? Well, quite simply, I was blinded by love and I fell for the wrong product. More than a mere business decision, the product became a powerful new passion for me. The obsession for this new idea was so strong that even a normal businessman would ignore logic to pursue the glittering profits they felt it promised. As ironic as it is, this is not an unusual problem.

Yes, love is blind, but I guess that’s what real love is, your blind to the things you don’t like about that person, or your blind to their faults or the way they hurt you. Consequently, although one may fail, they simply keep coming back for more. Gaining peace, though, is not the lover s primary goal. This is because the beloved has become the most precious thing in the universe to the lover: Someone to be nurtured, cared for, and cherished. The lover will go to any lengths to meet the beloved s every need, to the point of endangering or even losing his or her own life! This is even exemplified in Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet finds out Romeo is dead, she kills herself too just so that she can die with him by her side. Therefore, the happiness and welfare of the beloved is of utmost concern.

A Mother deer who is watching her baby deer getting eaten by a lion may simply move on with life. But, humans have been given a distinct characteristic of feelings and emotion. When we cry, smile, or laugh we are letting out our emotions. Some emotions, though, such as love, are more difficult to illustrate than others. Often people resort to different types of literature, such as poems, to show this emotion. Ultimately, though, it is still blind in that it is extremely difficult to express it physically.

Love is not something that can be seen, heard, or touched. It can easily infiltrate ones mind, though, into believing, acting, and doing things in certain ways. This is where love is blind. Just as I had seen a great business opportunity unfold, my mind neglected actually assessing the venture from all aspects. I simply went straightforward with it. I end my personal response with a quote by King Solomon:

“Love is as strong as death, and although it cannot be

seen, its jealousy is unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing

fire, like the very flame of the Lord. Many waters cannot quench love and rivers cannot wash it away.”

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