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Killing Mr

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Killing Mr Essay, Research Paper

Killing Mr. Griffin

I read the book Killing Mr. Griffin, by Lois Duncan. There was an English

teacher, Mr. Griffin, which nobody liked. Especially one particular group of

friends. They disliked him so much that they wanted to try and scare him some

how. He was a tough teacher, and didn?t give anyone an A. Not even the

smartest student, Susan McConnell.

One day after school, Mark told his friends his idea of what to do to take

care of Mr. Griffin. He decided that they should threaten to kill him so he

would give them better grades. But not actually kill him. After some convincing,

all Mark?s friends agreed to his plan.

The day came when they carried out their plan, and got Mr. Griffin where they

wanted him. All alone, tied up in the mountains. Susan and David were worried

about Mr. Griffin, so after a couple of hours they just went to check on him.

But when they got there, they found and realized that Mr. Griffin was dead! They

panicked, and didn?t know what to do. They went back and told the others. They

had to figure out something to do, but what?

They finally all promised each other that they wouldn?t tell anyone what

had happened. They just had to cover up all the evidence that my lead to them.

Mark was willing to do anything to do that!

After a few days, Mr. Griffin?s disappearance was on the news. Of coarse,

no one knew where Mr. Griffin really was, and what had actually happened to him.

It was hard for them to keep it in. They all felt so bad, except for Mark.

Mark was the leader of this plan, and he secretly did things to cover up

evidence that his friends didn?t know about. Not at first anyway. He killed

David?s, but Susan figured that out. He also tried to kill Susan because she

was going to tell the police the whole story. She couldn?t stand keeping it in

anymore. But after a while, people started putting things together and figured

out what had really happened. They knew who had actually killed Mr. Griffin.

What was going to happen to them now? They didn?t know! They all wished that

they wouldn?t have went along with Mark, but were glad they didn?t have to

hold this huge secret in anymore!

I would recommend you to read this book if you like mystery. I loved it and

thought it was a great book. It keeps your attention through the whole thing

with all the suspense.

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