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KEATS Essay, Research Paper

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English 202


John Keats suffered many hardships losing his family to tuberculosis, orphaned as

a child and was ” mastered and enslaved by a pining, degrading lovesickness ” (O’neil 51)

for a woman named Fanny Brawne, whom he was never able to wed. However with all

his trials and tribulations he was very passionate about his poetry. The rich, sensuous way

in which he wrote demonstrates it. In some ways the “relationship with his poetry takes

on all the attributes of a love affair ” (D’avanzo 25). Therefore” Keats chose the passion

of love for a woman as his basic metaphor for poetry” (D’ avanzo 25). He chose this

passion for his poetry because of his inexperience of relationships as a young poet,

inspiration from other authors and his love affair with Ms. Brawne.

When Keats began as a young poet he pondered on many subjects. He had never

been in a romantic relationship before. As any adolesent would, he had an interest in love

and relationships. ” He was aware of the heady, feverish pressure of this youthful

romantic sickness on his imagination” (O, Neil 53). His immagination created a picture of

how this relationship should be.

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