John Bardeen

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John Bardeen Essay, Research Paper

Bardeen, John

1908-91, American physicist; b. Madison, Wis. He was

known for his studies of semiconductivity and other

aspects of SOLID-STATE PHYSICS. The first to win a

Nobel Prize twice in the same field, Bardeen shared the

1956 physics prize with Walter Brattain and William

Shockley, for work in developing the TRANSISTOR,

and the 1972 physics prize with Leon Cooper and John

Schreiffer, for their theory of SUPERCONDUCTIVITY.

Bardeen, John (1908-1991), American physicist

born in Madison, Wisconsin. Working at Bell

Laboratories in New Jersey, Bardeen was a member

of the team that developed the transistor. For this

work, he shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics with

American physicists William Shockley and Walter H.

Brattain. In 1972 he shared the Nobel Prize in

physics with American physicists Leon N. Cooper

and John R. Schrieffer for the development of a

theory to explain superconductivity. He was the first

scientist to win two Nobel Prizes in the same


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