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Horror Story

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Horror Story Essay, Research Paper

Little did Victoria Sporos know that she was about to be killed but not in a normal way but in a way never seen before. As Victoria came home from the supermarket carrying a heavy lode the murder followed closely behind her. As she walked down the same street that she followed every Friday she seemed to suspect something was soon to happen. As she arrived home and began up the steps she heard a scuffle of feet behind her and the sound if ice breaking as her murder approached. When the Chicago Police Officers arrived, the County Coroner was already at the scene, the assigned police detectives for the precinct, along with a multitude of other civil servants gathering crime evidence at the scene of the murder. A 20 year-old woman, , had been found murdered on the steps leading up to her apartment building in downtown Chicago. Darting to and fro, carrying various apparatus appropriate to their duties, the crime experts seemed confused, spewing out questions to one another, as if trying to solve the murder for themselves. The cause of death could not be determined. The temperatures had dipped to well below zero this winter. The oddest evidence, that did not yet seem to be evidence was a small puddle of water on the left side of the victim s body. It may be relevant to note that her blouse was saturated with a liquid, possibly water. It was quite some time before the coroner noticed a small frayed hole or tear in the victim s blouse, approximately in the area of the heart. Upon further examination, the coroner discovered a puncture wound in her chest, which would be confirmed later by x-ray to have lead directly to her heart. With many further tests, autopsy and all the appropriate criminal investigation possible over the following weeks, leading into months, no cause of the puncture wound could be determined. The wound was not caused by any known weapon: not by a knife, nor bullet, nor any other contemporary weapon known to man. Yet the puncture wound definitely led to the death of this 20 year old woman. Without a cause of death, it was difficult to pursue the murder investigation. It was many years into the new century, the year 2010, before the mysterious source of the puncture wound in the murder of young Victoria Sporos was discovered. That winter had been particularly fierce in Chicago, with the wind chill factor at 130 degrees below zero. Victoria had lived in an old Victorian building covered in gargoyles, from which exceptionally large icicle formed during winter months. The year l966 being an exceptionally cold winter, icicles of enormous proportions had formed at the entrance of her apartment building, but that evening seemed almost warm at 38 degrees. Upon entering her building that evening she had apparently been struck in the chest by one of the mammoth icicles, which melted, breaking off in its point of entry, then melting with her body heat. The murder weapon had melted, but years later, case was partially solved for the murder remains to be found still unaccused of his crime so if you hear ice braking behind you be careful you could be next on his list

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