Hate Groups

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Hate Groups Essay, Research Paper

Hate Groups

In today?s society where differences between people are magnified and everyone

is discussing diversity, tensions between different groups are remarkably high. The extreme of

this tension is brought out in hate groups. Hate groups play off of the stereotypes of specific

peoples. They use these generalities in their relentless and often violent persecution of those

different from themselves.

There are many groups that practice in such ways, most of them preaching white

supremacy. The main goal of these groups is the advancement of the white race by the

segregation of other cultures from society. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is probably the best known

of these groups. They have been around since the Reconstruction era following the Civil War.

The KKK was set up to build an all white society based on Christian beliefs. They claim that

they are not the enemy of non-white, non-Christian people. They believe that all races would

benefit from separation from each other because everyone would work better if they are

surrounded by their own kind. The KKK states ?Our purpose is to unite, organize, and educate

the white Aryan masses world wide to the dangers that face our race, culture, and Christian

civilization? (www.kkkk.net). They also claim that they don?t tolerate people of immoral

character in their society such as drug users and dealers, thieves, or child abusers, yet they have a

history of killing blacks and Jews just because they aren?t white Christians. They also have a 12

point system of political beliefs that gives one a good idea of what the Klan is about: 1) stop

immigration 2) drug tests for people on welfare 3) quarantine everyone with AIDS 4) make

the purchase of American lands illegal for non-Americans 5) no free trade with other countries

that hurts American workers 6) death penalty for repeat drug offenders 7) workfare not welfare

8) American troops on the border to stop illegal immigrants 9) no affirmative action 10) all

laws controlling guns should be unconstitutional 11) bring back the Bible into society 12) stop


Also a white supremacist group, Posse Comitatus is very concerned the removal

of Jewish people from American society. They feel that Jews are literally the children of Satan

and are a very militaristic hate group. Over 85% of their members are war veterans. They also

claim that communism is a Jewish idea. Another of these groups is the Aryan Nation. They are

a Neo-Nazi organization with close ties to the KKK and Posse Comitatus. The National Alliance

is also a Neo-Nazi who want an all white society. They even want cultural differences between

groups of whites it be eliminated. They want their society to be free of non white influences also

such as jazz or rock music since they were pioneered by blacks.

Another type of white supremacist is the skinhead. They are characterized by

their shaved heads. One skinhead group is the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) based in

southern California. It is run by Tom Metzger, a former member of the KKK who

unsuccessfully ran for senator in 1980. They want the restoration of the white race, which has

become the minority worldwide (15%). An example of the way they think is this: If Florida

wants to let Caribbean refugees into their state let them; but the second those refugees try to

cross into Georgia, the white citizens will use whatever force they have to keep them out. The

Hammerskins are also a skinhead group. They are a very international group with strong

followings in Britain, Australia, Germany, and Canada. The German Hammerskins consider

themselves living in the fatherland of the white race. The Australians want to uphold the values

of their European forefathers. The Canadians consider themselves warriors of this day in age

like the Vikings of their time. They even uphold their Viking heritage by referring to Canada as

Vinland ( Canada being a Native American name and Vinland recognizing the Vikings).

Hammerskins are another group that is trying to achieve white supremacy because they believe it

is their birth right.

Also falling under the white supremacy category is the World Church of the

Creator. They were ?established for the survival expansion and advancement of the white

race?(www.creator.org). They preach white supremacy and a theology called Creativty. They

feel that since the white race has been responsible for most of the advancements in human

society throughout history, they should be in power.

There are also hate groups other than those about white supremacy. The Jewish

Defense League is an anti Arab organization. They often protest Arab activities in Israel.

Another group is the Nation of Islam. This group is anti-white and anti-Semitic. It is based on

the teachings that whites are devils created in an evil scientists? experiment. Militias can also be

considered hate groups. They are very anti-government and often very militaristic. They are

rapidly spreading across the United States especially in the southwest and midwest.

There are many organizations out there that hate people who are different than

themselves. These are just a few of the hate groups out there. Hate is a spreading problem in the

world today without a simple solution. We must make an effort to curb the spread of violence

and hate as we head into the 21st century.

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