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Hand Sanitizer 2

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Hand Sanitizer 2 Essay, Research Paper

Max was a ten-year old energetic, sandy blond-headed boy who lived on a 1,000 acre cattle ranch. Max best friend Todd, who lived down the road, had red hair and freckles on his face. The boys did everything together. That morning before lunch they had already completed their chores of feeding the horses, dogs and cats and mucking the horse stalls. They had also been fishing, but first they had to hunt for grub worms under cow patties. Grub hunting became a game where one of the boys would flip the cow patty over, while the other would quickly snatch the grubs off the backside and then drop the worms in a coffee can of moist dirt. Todd s mom had made lunch for the boys that day. She never made them wash their hands; instead she would have the boys use grape scented hand santizer. Max especially liked that. The boys went to the counter, where the bottle of sanitizer was, and each pumped a dollop of the gel on to their hands. They rubbed it in and snickered at each other, while the slimy gel made squishy and gooey noises in their hands. When the gel dried on the boys hands lunch was ready. For lunch they had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, tater-tots, carrot-sticks, a couple of boxes of juice and jello-jigglers. Max and Todd scoffed lunch down with their hands and where out the door on to their next adventure. The dirty handprints left on the juice boxes went unnoticed by Todd s mom. She thought hand sanitizer gel was one of the latest and greatest inventions, an easy way to get their hands clean. She has not bothered to think about where the dirt is going, or not going. If it sanitizes your hands it must make them clean. We as a society rarely use common sense questioning of consumer products and their claims.

I believe that hand sanitizer is not sanitary. Max and Todd had been out all morning touching everything with their hands, including the cow manure. A dollop of gel hand sanitizer and one would think clean . The germs are gone but what about the fecal matter? Have you ever heard of clean shit? This may be an extreme case scenario, but being female I have noticed the wide spread use of this sanitizer at department store cosmetic counters. I think to myself, they touch: their own faces and hair, other peoples faces, make-up and money. I won t catch a cold from their hands, but my facial pores will clog up and break out from the dirt and oil that was not removed by this hand sanitizer and thus transferred to my face. YUK! And I have yet to see the use of hand sanitizer in doctor offices and hospitals.

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