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Gorillas Essay, Research Paper


The gorilla walks on all four they are the longest humans like apes. The gorilla is not a monkey. It is an ape because monkeys have tails. Their mass is about 70-200kg.

The gorilla sweats from the apricoorn glands in their armpit when stressed.

The gorilla is the biggest primate. They only have 5 to 10 family members.

Gorillas are herbivores. They eat leaves, twigs bark, and grasses. They also eat bugs

And fruit. They only have on child every birth.

A law that would be passed, that would remove the gorillas from their natural habitat and place them in man made environment such as city zoo, and wildlife areas.

One of the reasons that the gorillas are endangered is because people are hunting them for food and as trophies. Small gorillas are captured for sale abroad. Other gorillas are killed in order to make medicine. Gorillas are also dying because people are clearing the forest.

One-reason animals will survive because zoos take and put them in a different habitat. Another reason is because scientist uses them for different sorts of things. One reason they ll die is because people clear the forest.

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