George Bush Library

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George Bush Library Essay, Research Paper

George Bush Library

George Bush was sworn into office January 20th, 2001. The George Bush Library has a museum connected with it. Looking at pictures of the library it seemed to be rather large and impressive.

Entering the library and museum you will see the admi8ssions desk, museum store, Orientation Theater, and a Donor s wall. The exhibits in the library and museum have history of the American presidency. It also offers particular topics of interest.

Another section of the library and museum has a computerized scrapbook for visitors to look at George Bush s childhood and family pictures. This has always attracted people. This library has more technology based exhibits than any other I have seen.

Elephants are supposed to represent Republicans. This library has an exhibit of over 1200 elephants. Also on video, the library shows visitors a day at the White House with George W. Bush. This film shows Barbara Bush eating at state dinners with George Bush, while she was in beautiful gowns.

Actually, from other libraries I have checked out, I was not so pleased with the George W. Bush library. I felt they could have more information than what they have on him. Possibly after he serves his term, the library will be more informative. Furthermore, the George Bush library is very big and well maintained.

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