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Family Violence

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Family Violence Essay, Research Paper

Reading the violence analysis of the 1998 NIBRS data was very interesting and scary at the same time. The numbers that are in the different tables represent victims from serious crimes to not so serious crimes. But is their such a thing as not so serious crime? I feel that any crime that involves the police for anything is serious enough for the abuser to seek help.

The overall violence report for the NIBRS was that of simple assault. Each year we as taxpayers pay millions of dollars for counseling and through police intervention and court procedures. Are relationships becoming more violent because of alcohol and drugs? My answer before reading this would be yes. But I was very surprised that ninety-two percent was with no alcohol or drugs involved.

The number of victims was very high when it came to juveniles. I feel one of the biggest reasons for this is due to the age, because they are less likely to defend themselves. From age 0-12 they are most vulnerable, and cannot fend for them selves. The tables represent a very chilling result, the result of what out society has come to over the years. We as a society act out on our emotions and try to control any body within our power. I feel we should start very young educating out students in the school setting before they become adults.

One of the areas of interest that I found to be an eye opener was when it came to aggravated assault. This is very scary when the ages of 0-11 show up on the tables, and even the ages of 12-17.

Males show an overall of fifty-eight when it comes to aggravated assault. After looking at the tables whites are the majority of overall aggravated assault than any other race. Why is this? Is it because we make up a larger majority than any other race, or is because our race is more violent? I do feel that our white race is or feels very dominant and wants to control anybody and everybody in our way.

A surprising factor that ties in with aggravated assault is when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Alcohol seems to be the number one cause that is associated with the assaults. But is it fair to say that alcohol is the cause of the assaults? No, we as humans make our own decisions when it comes to such acts of crime. But in most cases with aggravated assault, the victim are helpless and weaker both emotionally and physically.

After reading all the paragraphs and looking at the tables the number one area that had the largest impact on me, was the victims under violent offenses. The age group that had the highest victims was from 0-11. This is very sad when you stop and think about it. This age group has no control over what happens to them.

Growing up should be fun and rewarding, but when a child is put into such a situation everything changes. Their childhood is a time to grow and learn about different life experiences. But when put into violent situations, by forcible fondling, sexual assault, or kidnapping this all changes a child for life. Females showed to be the highest percent affected by violent acts. I feel this is because they are female and are to scarred to say anything, or even do anything about it. The batter uses a scare tactic to scare the individual in believing it is their fault. A females emotions are usually more fragile than a males, so they fall into the trap of not saying anything to anybody.

Family violence I feel is spread down through generations. If the child was abused it’s a very high percent that he/she will also be an abuser to their children. Family violence is very dangerous in that a young child cannot get help or even knows where to find help. They are trapped both emotionally and physical in a very unstable life.

After reading the articles the one thing that I feel is missing is the statistics of blacks. It seems like everytime you turn on the t.v. set all you see or here is blacks committing the crimes. Now its my opion that if you

are going to commit a crime outside of the house than its no sifferent when it comes to family at home. Why is their no information including blacks. All they have is nonwhite. That could include anybody, or maybe its because they got information from certain parts of the country. I would like to see the statics when it come to blacks and how their family life is affected.

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