Egyptian Civilization

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Egyptian Civilization Essay, Research Paper

Egyptian Civilization

Around 6000 BC the Egyptian civilization settled in the Nile valley leading to many advantages that were unavailable to other civilizations of that time.

Ninety-five percent of the Egyptian civilization settled on the land along the Nile river, which played a major role in the future of the Egyptians for the next three thousand years. This area was isolated by desert on both sides, which forced the people to rely on themselves and the area resources for their future development as a civilization.

With the desert on all sides, a natural barrier was formed that protected the Egyptians against war and outside influences, that eventually would have had a profound effect on the civilization as time went on. Nobody was going to cross the desert and survive. This allowed the people to concentrate on there instead of fighting off hostile forces and influences.

Living along the Nile river the Egyptians took up agriculture due to the rich fertile soil. They planted vegetables for themselves and to feed the animals that they domesticated. Each time the river flooded, it would leave the land richer to allow for a more plentiful harvest the next year. This eventually lead to bartering for other goods they needed. The Egyptians also exported part of what they grew, and imported other items. The Nile also allowed for fishing and recreation.

With the first king, Menes, and future kings to come brought forth a civilization that had harmony in its political and economic policies. This was achieved through diplomacy and dynastic marriages. Egypt entered a period of five hundred years of peace. Language was adapted to literary uses by the use of hieroglyphs, which were drawn pictographs. These literary works were mainly on burial grounds or pyramids.

There were many other advantages that the Egyptians developed, including the twelve month, thirty day calendar, engineering principles, as well as forms and poses. The Greeks and Romans adapted many of the Egyptian ideas. The twelve month thirty day calendar developed by the Egyptians is still in use to day by modern world. Many of the advantages of the Egyptians are advantages to us today.

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