Dreams And Ambition

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Dreams And Ambition Essay, Research Paper

I am sure everybody that still live in this world had their own

ambition .For example, what is the dream of a fat ladies or men? Of

course is to slim their body .How about a poor man. I thought he’ll

always said this:” I will be rich one day soon! “But most of them never

try to make their dream come true. They just wait and wish for it just

as they believe in the movie,” Liar, Liar “. Only a wish of a child,

get his father into a big trouble and be together again with his

mother. I thought work hard was the most suitable idea to make your

dream come true. I have my own ambition like everybody. I want to be a

writer but my language is worse. Therefore, I work hard to improve my

language. I try everything for my dream, my ambition. But sometimes,

we had to think before we do something .We may asked for advice from

the person who had more experience. If we do everything we want without

consider, we might get trouble if that is illegal. Another example, a

person wanted to ern more money in a short while. He sold drugs to

reach what he had been dreaming of .Is that the right way to be rich?

No! He is using the innocent. He had destroyed the future of the

teenager that still don’t know about he’s trap. This is really not the

right way to get anything. You have to sacrifice for everything thing

you want. Not by using anything as a stepping stone. After all, that I

had written thought we must chase our ambition, our dream, but not by

the bad way.

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