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Doll’s House, Minor Characters Essay, Research Paper

There are three minor characters in the play, but they each have a very important role. Kristine Linde was a childhood friend of Nora?s. She has a major effect on events that happen in the play. She is the first character to see that Nora is not a child. Nora is just acting to fit into the role Torvald has made for her. She is a savior for Nora. She has gone through many tough times so she has much more real world experience than Nora. Kristine?s past was very rough, but the things she has lived through make her the strong person she is. She once had true love, but made the mistake of leaving it for stability and money. She suffered because of the choices she made and is much stronger because of them. At a young age Kristine sacrificed her happiness to take care of her dying mother and two younger brothers. Her life did not really start until her family no longer needed her. Kristine also has a big effect on the changes Krogstad makes in his life. These two had a prior love that still lingers into the present. Kristine helps Krogstad improve his life. This change benefits Nora?s life in many ways. Kristine?s hard life was something that most women did not have to experience many years ago. Like Nora, she also had an empty marriage. This ended when her husband died, but his death only forced her to work for a living. Kristine was a foil to Nora; she experienced hard work and a troubled, but independent life. Nora was weak, frail, and only knew how to live by other people?s Stevens 7 rules. She helped Nora become a stronger person; this strength helped Nora live her meaningless life to start over. Kristine has already gone through all the things Nora is about to face. Finally, Kristine was a good friend to Nora. Kristine helped Nora fix her dress when Nora was helpless and did not know what to do. She also fixed the situation between Nora and Krogstad. In many ways Kristine helped Nora fix her life (Sortland).

Another minor character was Krogstad. He provides much of the conflict in the play. He starts off as a cruel and pitiless man, only looking out for himself. During the play Krogstad completely turns around. He no longer only cares about his money and fortune. Kristine helps him become a better person. Krogstad is a foil for Torvald. Torvald is a stubborn man, unwilling to change. Torvald has a superior attitude, while Krogstad reveals the truth, reforms, and becomes a better man. Krogstad is a manipulator, but this deception evolves into the truth. All of the bad things Krogstad tried to do to Nora ended up helping her. The position he put her in made her realize that she needed a change in her life. Krogstad tries to clean up his reputation and improve his social standings so that he can be a better father to his children (Mazurak).

The final minor character is Dr. Rank. He has the equivalent of a love affair with Nora. Everything is there, including the emotions; the relationship is only lacking physical love. Dr. Rank is someone Nora can talk to. He is available emotionally while Torvald is not. Nora can confide in Dr. Rank, but not her own husband. The Helmers were fond of Dr. Rank?s presence, especially Nora. Dr. Rank did not present himself as superior. He looked at Nora as an equal, and that is something that Torvald never did. Dr. Rank truly loved Nora. He did not think of her as a doll or plaything (Magill). Stevens 8 Each of the characters in the play has a specific relationship with another character. There are business relationships, relationships of love, and relationships between friends. Nora and Krogstad?s relationship is strictly business. Nora borrowed money from him to take care of Torvald when he was sick. Nora knows that women are not supposed to borrow money and she knows that Torvald would not approve of her borrowing money. It was not only inappropriate for Nora to borrow this money, but she also forged her father?s signature to get it. This puts Krogstad in control of their relationship. The agreement they had started out very simple, but when Krogstad is about to loose his job he will do anything to keep it. It was very convenient that he had ?dirt? on the wife of his new boss (Mazurak). Nora and Dr. Rank also have a caring relationship. It may not have been a totally honest one, but there were feelings involved. Dr. Rank was secretly in love with Nora for most of the play. It was not until he became very sick that he told Nora his true feelings. Nora may not have felt the same way as Dr. Rank, but she did enjoy his company. He was the only man who did not see Nora as inferior.

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