Current Craze Or Fad

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Current Craze Or Fad Essay, Research Paper

A Current Craze or Fad

Over the decades there have always been fads. Fads are exciting and usually interesting. Fads tend to be popular trends that die off over a certain period of time. Fads are exciting and usually interesting. They come and go quickly however; some fads stay longer than others. Some fads now are tight clothes, some refer to these clothes as “clubbing clothes,” fancy cars with all sorts of accessories is a fad. How people wear their makeup is a fad. The most popular fad is body piercing.

Fads are exciting and they tend to capture peoples interest. Body piercing is a test to see how brave and daring you are. I told myself I would never pierce anything with the exception of my ear lobes. On a recent trip to Georgia my friend and I pierced our tongues, and my roommate pierced her nose. Eventually we will take them out and that will be the end of the fad. It is fun and crazy while it last, however a new fad will come along and go away.

Over the years to come there will be many more exciting fads to live for.

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