Computers In The Classroom


Computers In The Classroom Essay, Research Paper

Computers In The Classroom

In Postman s essay, Virtual Students, Digital Classroom, he argues about the technology in the classrooms. Postman comes to the conclusion that high-technology (computers) in the classroom is just another thing that will not solve anymore of our problems and will also take over his job as a teacher. My conclusion is that computers in the classroom will not help kids learn more about their school subjects. Postman and I agree because if you put computers in the classroom then you take away the teachers and then who teaches? Teachers go to school to learn to teach the subject and how to teach it to the students.

+ Postman uses strong words to get his point across and express his ideas. He also uses self-presentation. Postman represents himself as a knowledgeable, informative and opinionated person. Postman is knowledgeable on this subject because in his essay Postman says that teachers will be regulated to the backwoods, (974) he feels that computers will take over his job. Effects of educational technology on teachers should be emphasized because teachers remain in the classroom to influence many generations of students (ETS). The most important teaching tool is the instructor, who must be knowledgeable about the subject matter and skilled in the methods of instruction. To get the highest incidence of such people, the position must be well-paid and respected (Ransom). Computers can be an important teaching tool but it can’t replace dedicated teachers (Lucid).

Postman shows the real life impact of the technology such as the accessibility of the technology in the schools and the homes. He uses the example of …Little Mary who is presumably from a poorer home than Little Eva… (972). Mary may not be able to access the technology as easily as Eva may because Eva is from a richer family. Postman expresses himself as opinionated when he states I know a false god when I see one (974). He looks at high technology as a god instead of as an aid. He sees people worshiping this god instead of questioning this god about what it can do.

Technology allows a person to accomplish tasks faster, which in time gives people more time to do what they like. Before high technology there were still problems in the world. When we put computers in the classroom, that will just cause more problems. If we keep teachers in the classrooms then students have a better chance of learning what they came to learn because teachers can sit down with you and help you out one-on-one. The only thing a computer can do is show you information that might be unable to understand.

Postman did a good job of arguing this subject. His main point is that high technology in the classroom is just one more thing that will not solve any problems in this world. He also feels like one day that there will be no more teachers that the computers are going to take over and he will be out of a job. Just by putting computers in the classrooms, that is not going to help students learn more about one subject. We as students learn better if we have one-on-one help with the teacher. That s better than having a computer sitting in front of you and it doesn t talk back, and it can t explain to you what you need to learn or what you don t understand. Works Cited

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