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Compare/ Contrast Essay, Research Paper

Canadian vs. Domestic

By Andrew Skidmore

Beer is a popular beverage among college students. There are many different types of beer there are also many different brands, and flavors of beer. Through out my travels from bar to bar, and from party to party I have tried, and tasted many different kinds of beer, and beer form different country’s, but my favorite kinds of beer come from Canada.

The best thing to come out of Canada is their beer. They have just as many brands of beer as the U.S. does, but their beer is stronger, and has a better taste to it compared to the beer we can get in the U.S.

I suggest next time you go “bar hopping” over in Canada you should try some of the great Canadian beer that they have to offer. If you are getting a draft beer I suggest a Superior. This beer is made locally in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. If a bottle beer is what you are looking for I suggest a Molson Canadian.

Forget the week, watered down, mellow taste of American beer. Go over to Canada and take advantage of the “great up north” and drink their great tasting beer.

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