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Child Molestation

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Child Molestation Essay, Research Paper

I like to sit down once in a while not too much and just watch the news and catch up on things that are going on in LA and around the world. I hear in Iraq 6 innocent bystanders were shot and killed and of course you feel bad for them and then you’ll see a video clip of a shooting spree that went on with cops or whatever and of course I feel sorry for these people but nothing really pisses me of and gets me so mad that I can kill the guy because this little sick man decided to rape a little child. Now you ask me why do you get mad? Well because I have a little sister and just the thought of that happening to my sister, friend, cousin just makes me so enraged. Anybody with a little sister knows exactly what I mean and I’m sure they feel the same way. Now what is the ultimate price for something like this, well if it was up to me I would like to have one hour alone with him in a room and just take out all my anger on him and then torture him a little more, but its not up to me so I can t do that. He should be given the death penalty.

What is it that makes a guy go out to rape a little child? I sit because they were molested themselves when they were younger? Is it because they’re just rejected by life and every woman out there? Or was he just on drugs? What motivates these people to go out and rape a 7 year old or older girl walking home from school? Well I don t know the answer. Do these people realize what the consequences are when they rape a child. These little girls or guys are going to be messed up for life. They’re not going to grow up healthy minded and be screwed up in the head for the rest of their lives. They’re not going to have a descent relationship with anyone. Because they’re not going to be able to trust anyone anymore and just basically not live a normal life.

People that do this kind of crime are crazy in the head. You can t just lock them up for a couple of years and then let him out in a couple of years and think everything is ok. Once they get out they re probably going to go do it again, or break some other law. I don t mean like petty theft or anything, something like murder. It just puzzles me I don t get it. You kill a guy and are sentenced to jail for about 8 years or so and then get out on probation. What the hell is that? You telling me that one person s life is equivalent to 6 years of jail time and then be free? You take a person s life; your life is taken away. An eye for an eye.

You know what makes me madder. The fact that the people that do this mostly always get away with it or when they do get caught, they only go to jail for a couple of years then get out on probation. Now lets pretend this happened to you or you sister or little brother, what would you do to the guy? You would kill him right. I would. That s the only thing that would make me happy or somewhat. So I believe that when the person is caught and convicted for child molestation that he be sentenced to death row. Not jail for life. Not 20 years then get out with probation. He should be given the death penalty because that s the least you can do to him. I believe this with all my life and stand for it with everything I can.

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