Bull Rider

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Bull Rider Essay, Research Paper

I can remember my first time to ride a bull

All of the thoughts in my head were nice and full

The sight of the beast below me was scary

He was big and black, and really hairy

As I sat on his back to tie on my rope

I was praying to god, and probably even the pope

As I nodded my head to open the chute

A picture came to my head; it was me in a coffin wearing a suit

My eyes came wide open, my mouth clenched shut

And I hoped to god that I wouldn?t get thrown on my butt

When finally I heard the whistle blow

I reached with my free hand to let my grip go

I ran to the fence and jumped really high

And when I was safe I thought, god am I lucky I didn?t die.

this ones written all by me…

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