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Being Literate


Being Literate Essay, Research Paper

Phillip Lucas

Mr. Tarlow

English 120

Being Literate

Being literate means the ability to read and write. To strictly speak, the ability to read and write which if I wasn’t able to do that I would make it in this world. To me literacy is every thing because if you weren’t able to read and write you would be able to fill out job applications, type resumes, and terms papers. The fact that I can read and write means more to me than any thing because I can move and when it comes time for me to fill out the change of address forms I have the ability to read them and write on them.

Me going to school and my mom are the reason I am able to read. When I was in elementary school the teacher would help me out. They would help me to pronounce words sounding them out first so first. I would say the word, then find out if I was pronouncing the word correctly. Reading Bibles and Encyclopedias have really helped me. They have a lot of words that you rarely encounter. Also last semester being in English one hundred help out so much it taught me how many grammar mistakes I was making. The more I read and write the smarter I get. At this rate I can be a lot further in my life than I expect if as long as I keep going to college and find out the correct way to read and write words.

Also the ability to hold a conversation with mature adults who pronounce their words correctly helps out a lot. They let me know if I’m pronouncing the words correctly, that way I’m not talking in slang


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