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Aspects In Marianella

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Aspects In Marianella Essay, Research Paper

Teodoro Golf n goes to visit Florentina where she is staying. This is where Marianella is sick. The room a good size, with several chairs and a desk. In the middle of the room, there was a long couch with a body on it. The body was Marianella’s. She is sleeping on the couch, looking peaceful. Her hands were shaking, and she was sweating. Florentina: Marianella is very sick

Teodoro: I know, how sick? Florentina: Very sick – she does not look well Teodoro: I see. No, she doesn’t. She is a very poor girl Florentina: yes, that she is Teodoro: She has had no education in her life. She is not very pretty either…

Florentina: She definitely isn’t! Teodoro: hahahaha, and yet here she sleeps on her deathbed. Pablo doesn’t know how good a person she is. Marianella looks to see Teodoro and Florentina talking. Florentina: Marianella, are you scared? Marianella: no Florentina. You are very good, and so is Don Teodoro Teodoro: Nela, you are very sick Marianella: yes. I think i’ve made Florentina angry. Florentina: no Marianela – you are a good person.

Pablo arrives at the house of Florentina. Pablo: florentina, i heard my dad was here. Florentina does not answer him. Pablo didn’t have to visit Teodoro or Marianella .Pablo: It is not important to me to stay blind after i have seen. I had a dream that that you were looking for me. To your side were very ugly girls. Why are you beautiful? Cre that you wish to be at my side. My cousin, and wife of my soul. Florentina: what? No,no,no. Teodoro, Pablo is crazy. Say something.Teodoro: Pablo….. go to your room!

Pablo: you are the boss, Teodoro. As Pablo was leaving, he sees Marianella on the couch. He looks at her. Pablo: My God! She is sick Teodoro: Of course she is you crazy fool. Pablo puts his hand on Marianella’s forehead. Marianella opens her eyes and takes Pablo’s hand. Pablo cries out.

Marianella: YO SOY LA NELA! Pablo has discovered the world of the light and beautiful. He sees the confusion in seeing all the time. Teodoro: She is worn out. Damn this Florentina: Die Marianela, so you do not have to be like this. Dear Marianella. Pablo: Marianella no responde. Nela, mi querida Nela!

Teodoro: Good God! (Choir of Angels sings) Teodoro y Florentina leave Pablo alone in the room. Pablo: How terrible. How terrible. I do not wish to see anything. I do not want to see anymore…..

Pablo runs out of the room. Teodoro comes in and tries to save her. A scream is heard outside. Florentina and Teodoro run out of the room, and see Pablo on the floor. On the ground is one of his eyes. His hand was ripping out the other eye.

Florentina: Help, help! Blood Teodoro hits Pablo, and pulls him to his feet. Teodoro: You are crazy Pablo: No Teodoro. I am mad north, northwest. When the wind is southly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. Then, a loud groan is heard from Marianella. Teodoro, Florentina, and the blind fool look in horror. The body of Marianella gets up off the couch. It turns to the side and looks at the three people. Teodoro: Marianella is a zombie! Help me! Pablo: I can’t see anything! Florentina: What do we do? Jacaruso: You have to have respect for the dead, unless they are eating people. Marianella says in a low voice: Red Rum, Red Rum. Pablo: what is she doing? Is she really dead? Teodoro: no you fool.

Marianella walks to Pablo and bites his arm Pablo: help! She’s eating me

Marianella drags Pablo’s body to the couch, and begins eating him. Then, the door is broken down. A large group of police enters the room. Teodoro and Florentina are confused. Jacaruso: I’m officer Jacaruso. Marianella is a known criminal. She has been selling drugs, and eating people for years.

Tim Costa enters the room Costa: Marianella is a robot I made. She left me like all girls do, and began eating people. Don’t hurt her, please. Everyone is relieved to know the truth. Then, Jacaruso shoots the zombie. Jacaruso: I have no respect for her, she was eating people. [all exit

At the end of this novel, I felt surprised at what happened. I had originally thought this book would have a happy ending. I thought Marianella and Pablo would have been close, and fallen in love. I was very surprised that Marianella died. I was sad because she was such a good, caring person. She had a hard life, and only loved Pablo. When she died, it seemed like the death of an innocent and loving person. It was tragic. I felt bad that her life was as hard as it was. She was ugly, and not educated. But she was always nice to everyone. She cared for Pablo, and wanted him to have sight. She would do anything for him. What Marianella felt for Pablo was real love. I felt bad that she died, and that her and Pablo were not anything more. Marianella was a loving person, who didn’t deserve to die. She lost her one love, and died. She died of a broken heart. This makes it very sad, and makes me feel bad.

In my opinion, it was worth reading this book. Reading Marianella helped my spanish reading skills. It helped improve my understanding of spanish, and how it is used. I also learned more spanish vocabulary words. Because it helped me better understand spanish, it helped me with my writing. Reading books helps with understanding spanish and how it is used. This book should be used next year. The books are not in very good condition, but they help students have a better understanding of spanish.

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