An Unforgettable Trip

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An Unforgettable Trip Essay, Research Paper

I still remember my 10 days trip to Calcutta, which is largest and fascinating city in India, with my school staff and students when I was ten years old. Moreover, it was 24 hours journey from my city Hyderabad to the city Calcutta. I can never forget this trip because whenever I get free time, the first thing I think is about the friends that I made, the places which I saw, and the way that I lived on this trip. Though I was the youngest among all the students, I made friends with everyone. However, two seniors,who helped me from the firstday, became special friends to me. They guided me, helped me carry my luggage, and treated me like theiryounger sister. Even now, they are my best friends as our friendshipbecame stronger year-by-year. Calcutta is one of the historic city in India. I had visited many monuments, museums, temples, Mother Theresas orphanage, andpalaces in the city. I felt the most interesting of all was a palace called TheMarble palace. Though it looked like an old damaged building, it was very interesting inside. Once upon a time a rich and powerful king lived there. Everything in the palace, such as throne, paintings, ninety different varieties of marble, furniture, clothes, weapons, and jewelry, showed how gracefully he lived and ruled his empire. However, the whole city is rich with its history and art. Even though I was young, I did my work aselders do. Infact, it was totally new experience. I lived a life where I brought water in huge buckets for a bath and washed my clothes with hands, everyday. Since I had many things to see in the city, I dint have much time to relax. I had a good experience during this trip. I found true friends and I saw the beauty of life. Also, I became independent . My parents sent me on this trip on purpose because they wanted me to experience life and increase my knowledge at a young age.

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